Chasing squirrels

I am extremely easily distracted. It may even be my superpower. I have scattered and skittish ideas and a short attention span. I used to call it my goldfish brain, but as I am currently living in the US, chasing squirrels seems more appropriate (both literally and figuratively.) Because of this tendency, the idea of starting a blog has been very attractive. At the same time it’s a worry that it may be too much of a distraction. We shall see.

IMG_5851From a chance comment in one of the How to Survive Your PhD MOOC discussion boards (thanks Minaa98!) I was inspired to write a metaphor for how I (currently) see my PhD. This also provided the stimulus for my final assessment for the MOOC, at a point where I was contemplating just not doing it because nothing would come to mind. And having got this far, I thought I would go that bit further and join the November #HDRblog15 challenge, which was launched by @debsnet as her final activity for the MOOC!

I don’t promise to blog regularly (or even ever again), but … squirrel!


About Kathryn

PhD student; lecturer. Wife; mother; daughter; friend. Reader; photographer; traveller; arts consumer. Hedonist and eudaimonist (and lover of big words).
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