Signs of the times

I was having fun, but now I’m not… and I haven’t much felt like writing about it. Then recently I read The Syllabub’s post on being afflicted with The Stupid and felt so much better. A problem shared is a problem halved, and all that! So I may actually start blogging again in the hope that I can similarly improve the environment for others. No promises though.

IMG_6306Why it’s not fun… well, according to my original plan (aka wishful thinking), if not actually already finished by now, I was supposed to be in the last stretch before submission. Poor planning (aka no planning) and a serious lack of structure means that idea has gone completely out the window. So, back in February when I decided I was ready to focus to finish, I sat down and revisited the writing I had done, the revision and restructuring and reanalysis and rewriting I had still to work through; my new plan says even optimistically I will not be done until February next year -and that I still have some serious and substantial work to do on establishing the underpinnings of my research. Which is why I have been once again ploughing through tomes of theory, and suffering a serious dose of the stupid. If only I had started with getting my head around the theory, way back when…

At the same time, my workplace has undergone/is undergoing some rather brutal 20695_road_signs_Page_046restructuring. My current job is secure, but the role I was aiming for, that was one of the central reasons for doing a PhD, has been “restructured” into an administrative position, and no longer encompasses the academic leadership activities I desired. Which scuppered my motivation completely – until I figured that I don’t have to stay at the same institution just because I have been there for 16 years, and  PhD might just be the ticket to get me to somewhere else.  But actually, a different topic would have been a better bet for that…

So, really I would like to start again and do it all properly, now that I have a much better idea of both the how and the why… but instead, I should just get back to work!

PhD comics by Jorge Cham




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